Window Tinting

Look Good and Drive Safe

Security, Privacy and Comfort

Window tinting is a cost-effective way to add extra protection to your vehicle. Although protection is the largest benefit, it’s also one of the best ways to improve the vehicles overall appearance. The service involves applying a thin film on the windows in order to redirect the light away from your car. At Pulito Auto Detailing, we have several shades you can choose from to determine how dark you want to tint the windows.

Window Tint Film

Ceramic window tint film is the highest quality and most expensive material. It offers the most protection from harsh UV rays by 99% and deflects the heat from your car by 80%, while providing your vehicle with a stunning appearance. Although the tint looks very dark on the outside, visibility is still clear from the inside.

Dyed Window Tint Films

This is the most popular, cost-effective option containing a dyed layer of film that blocks the car’s interior from the hot sun and UV rays. Dyed Window Tint Film is often chosen to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Tail Light Tinting

Stand out by tinting your head lights, tail lights and fog lights. This eye-catching transformation will protect headlights from UV rays that typically turn them cloudy and yellow. Tail light tinting will also protect your car from stones that cause pitting.