Safety from Harsh Chemicals and Road Grime

Combining top-grade products to receive the best quality paint protection

GTechniq Ceramic Coating is a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating that transforms itself on a vehicles surface into a permanent, durable glass shield. Several layers of the liquid are applied to the vehicle, ensuring an extremely rigid surface. GTechniq Ceramic Coating is remarkably hydrophobic and strengthens the look, depth and shine of the paint. Its self-cleaning properties will guarantee that your vehicle is always glistening, and free from harsh chemicals and road grime. Installing GTechniq Ceramic Coating entails wiping down your vehicle with a solvent or alcohol to eliminate wax, greases or oils on the paint. Once this step is complete, we apply the coating on top. The average package consists of 5 coats; however, you have the option to apply more.

The process begins by using a clay bar on the whole car ensuring a smooth surface while washing it with soap, it is then rinsed and blow dried. Once the car is on the lift, the rims are removed in order to clean the inside, back and face of the rim. The same steps are taken for applying GTechniq Ceramic Coating on calipers. Our professional certified staff always completes a flawless installation!

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